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To do as The Lord Jesus commanded to reach the lost and to be a stepping stone for God's people to get close to Him before He returns

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George's Testimony

Being Saved on the clean side of the broad road  

Hi my name is George I just want to share with you for a few minutes my testimony you can contact me by e-mail, Have you ever wondered went you were sixteen if you would ever live till you were sixty! Well, that’s me, that’s the time; I gave my life to The Lord Jesus Christ, @sixteen. They call it sweet sixteen; well that was over fifty years ago. And the Lord has been sweeter as the days go by: You see’ I didn’t drink, didn’t swear. Didn’t even smoke, that’s not to say that smoking will keep you out of Heaven, it will get you there quicker: I seen my grandfather die of cancer of the throat, he smoked what; they call coffin drops woodbine, it kinder put me off. Also I didn’t take drugs, or get into any trouble at all. There was also a time I looked after my brothers and sisters for my father and mother had to work

Well what do you think! Surely I have a good chance to get into the kingdom of Heaven. Well I was on the clean side of the broad road going to Hell, you might ask this question explain! This George how is it possible for someone that good not to get to Heaven? Well it’s simple, when you were at school did you ever take an examine did you ever get 49 or 5 when they marked the paper, well forty-nine is a good mark, far better than five, but the pass mark is fifty! So you failed! God has also set His pass mark! For Heaven, His commandments, or His Son. Romans 3-23 says all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God or the standard He has set, there is no exceptions at all, and it means all. So God had to make a way that every man woman, young person and child, could come to Him. That’s why Jesus died on Calvary. He paid the for your sin, took your place, God is A Holy God, and has set a standard to enter Heaven. That standard is His Son, to reject God’s Son is to reject God: and reject His way of Salvation

If God had said! Let them buy their way into Heaven, what about the people that could not afford it, or if God had said you had to work or walk over a mountain, carrying a heavy load, you could be saved and go to Heaven, what about the people that are weak and could not do it. So Because God Really Loves you >For God so loved the World that He give His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting Life John 3-16. God Almighty gave His Son to die for you, on that cross, to make a way for you to come to Him. God gave you a free will He will never twist your arm up your back >it’s your choice < to accept His way >John 14-6> or reject His way of Salvation.

So all you have to do is repent of your sin, the Bible says > all our righteousness is as filthy rags, then ask The Lord Jesus to come into your heart, to be your Saviour for as many as receive Him He gave the right to become the sons of God. For by grace are you saved by faith, and not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. not of works lest any man should boast. Well why don’t you repent of your sin, and accept Gods free gift of Salvation, that the Lord Jesus paid for on Calvary Cross, for you to be born again, and be part of Gods Family John 3-3 John 1-12.

Isaiah 64-8 Acts 17-30 John 1-12 Ephesians 2-8 Romans 10-13 Romans 3-23

{-----Imitation ----or -----Real -----} (contact for prayer [email protected] reprinted 27/09/2017

Some time ago I decided to go and buy flowers for my wife, so I went down to the local shop and there were these lovely bunch of roses that were sitting among other flowers in the pot so I lifted them out and walked into the shop and paid for them, the shopkeeper looked at me but I thought nothing of that, I was very happy getting my flowers, so keenly priced, well that was a few years ago and I still have them.

To my surprise when I gave them to my wife she put them into a vase without water. So sometime during that week I had asked her what she thought of the flowers ‘’O’’ she replied they are lovely, but imitation, well imitation I thought not real, a copy of the real thing, or Northern Ireland terms fake, well at least I will not have to buy them again, they well not die or wither or fade away not even need water.

I had not intended to buy imitation roses the price would not have mattered, the shopkeeper did not tell me, I did not touch them, or smell them in fact there was no sign outside the shop informing me that they were not real. But I should have known better, this was not a life and death issue.

It would be a terrible thing to go through life believing in your religion hoping to get a place in heaven, or in your organisation who believes that there is no afterlife, no God.

And find out what you had believed in was only imitation and was not real at all, and find out you’re a lost soul gone into eternity without hope and God.

Jesus did not come to set up a new religion he came to bring salvation, the hymn writer put it so well, we may not know we cannot tell what pain He had to bear but I believe it was for us He hung and suffered there. He died that we might be forgiven He died to make us good that we might go at last to heaven saved by His precious blood, we all are sinners in Gods sight Romans 3-23 only Jesus can save us, Not religion Only Christ.

The Lord Jesus did not come to condemn you, but by His death on the cross and by His precious blood poured out on Golgotha that you would repent of your sin and asked Him into your life to be your LORD AND SAVIOUR. The bible says there is no other mediator between GOD and man save the man CHRIST JESUS Acts 4-12

ACTS 4-12: 1 CORINTHIANS 3-11: JOHN 1-12: ROMANS 3-23: Romans6-23: Romans 10-13

                GOD KNOWS -------------------------------------------GOD LOVE’S ----------------------------------------------GOD CARE’S

Story Part 3

In The Beginning > GOD < GENESIS 1-1 <

Someone has said it is not possible for the world to create itself, but he would rather believe it did ‘’’sounds stupid’’’

Where did the world come from? The big bang well if that’s the case, it should be happening all the time, with the amount of war’s and especially nuclear explosion, without mentioning GOD’S name what else? There been booms in Belfast and in other places but nothing good ever came out of it. In fact instead of creating life and reserving life it only destroys life.

To believe in Darwin theory is to believe in the big bang.

To believe in the theory of evolution is to believe we came from a space rock.

To believe in the Bible account is to believe that GOD exists

The Bible says by wisdom they knew not God 1 Corinthian 1vs21

This is what it’s like to believe in the theory of evolution? To go down a one-way street the wrong way, ignore the signs; just throw out common sense out the window so to speak and drive on. Keep it up and at some point, you will stand before a Judge. The fact of life is’ no one is going to live forever’ the Bible states it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgement Hebrews9:27 <> suppose the evolutionist are right and there is no God? But suppose that they are wrong as there is?? What could your possible answer Him e.g. like the evidence did point that you the Almighty God did not exist.

And if God were to ask you what evidence, would you blame Darwin as Adam blamed Eve and if He gave you an answer, He would maybe point out what you believed was only a theory and was not a fact where would you spend eternity? I suppose you could say without HIM.

The evidence point’s to-wards a Creator it not possible for the world to exist without a Creator, the creation of the universe sun moon stars and so much more going on in space. If our universe became unstable our plant would not exist, also to say we came we came from animals ‘is to insult human existence >

The Lord Jesus died on Calvary’s cross that all of mankind could come to HIM to be forgiven of their sin, and to be part of HIS family.

God gave his Son to pay the price for your sin on Golgotha or Calvary hill He Is a HOLY GOD and all our good works is as filthy rags in His sight THE LORD JESUS took our place he paid the price for all of mankind by the offering of Himself on that cross by the shedding of His blood that anyone can come to Him and receive His free gift of salvation and the forgiveness of sins >John 1-12 <eph2-8<> why not ask Him into your life to be your Lord and Saviour

John 3-16 John 3-3 Romans 3-23 Romans 6-23 Romans 10-9 Ephesians’ 2-8 John 1-12

Saint Patrick

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                              THE MAN OF GOD SAINT PATRICK

There have been many stories about Saint Patrick his love for his God and for the Irish. It has been said that there was one of the leaders in Co Down who was hostile to-wards Patrick’ yet he became the first Christian in the north and give his barn to open the first church in Ireland. The words of the Lord Jesus were a living realty in the life of Patrick in Matthew 5-44 Jesus said love you enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you vs,45, that you might be children of your father which is in heaven for he maketh the Sun to rise on the evil and the good. And sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.

It was said that one of the rulers that attacked some of Patrick converts, kidnapped’ others they murdered ‘because they had done this’ Patrick said that hell would be their punishment. This would also include the ruler who sent his men to do this’ He did not carry a sword in his hands to slay his enemies’ but won them with the love of God in his heart.

A man of prayer’ a hundred times a day he prayed’ even in the poorest weather conditions’ looking after sheep not knowing that God would one day would make him a Shepherd for the people of Ireland. He had every reason to hate the Irish, stolen away from his country, his father and mother family and friends treated as a slave and yet his love for Ireland and its people was unquestionable Ireland became his home it’s people became his family and they loved him.

Yet he taught about the one who came down from glory John 3-23 born in a manger’ went about doing good was betrayed, taken to prison was despised and rejected by his own hit in the face, spit upon and His very beard plucked out, stripped and humiliated, whipped, that whip had pieces of bone and metal that tore the back of Him. His back was like a ploughed field, carried His cross through the streets and go to a place called Calvary. What was He given for all the good He done a crown of thrones, it said’ that they were nine inches long and was pressed onto His head and as sharp as a pin. He was treated as dirt then they nailed Him unto a cross and as the hymn writer said love grew were the blood fell. His blood dripped from the cross to the ground, buried and rose the third day. Our lovely Lord Jesus give himself as the spotless Lamb of God for an offering for your sin and mine. The old ceremonies were done away with, the religious veil was rent in two. He became the supreme and acceptable sacrifice to God. As the High Priest in Heaven ‘He became the mediator between God and man. And God has given Him a name above any other name, that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father Philippians 2-11. No other man in earth can bring us to God but the Lord Jesus. Acts 4-12

The Love that Saint Patrick had for the Irish was outstanding, he wanted to help rather than to hurt to heal to heal than to wound, yet his love was only a taste of the love from the Almighty God, had for the world. GOD’s love was poured out on Calvary’ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (john 3-16). This is the gospel in a nutshell why don’t you repent of your sin ‘s and ask The Lord Jesus to come into your heart, to forgive your sin’s and be cleansed with His blood to make you part of His family.

John 1-12 Ephesians 2-8 Romans 10-13 Hebrews 6-18 Number’s 23-9


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