Disinherit Numbers 14-12

You can have civil disputes that could cost you a fortune if you have to go to court unless you have got proper insurance in place especially if you own a property or renting a property some estates agents offer this well it a good thing to have, for going to court ,can cost you.

Yet if there is trouble in the family and for any reason you have an issue with your parents when they pass on you could find that they have practically disinherited you or deprive you out of your inheritance and have given it to their dog or their cats or another member of the family circle that can be devastating and in rare cases it has happened.

The spies came back most them had terrible news only two of them had faith to trust in the Lord God. The word was to go back again, and not to press forward.

They see their impossible task, after all, they are responsible for their families, it’s that bad you could say that this was not 50-50 chance they possibly did not want to be exterminated by these people, and the logical solution was to pick a captain and go back to Egypt.

Someone has said that the majority is always right, but not in this case, who was going to protect them or feed them, and that the Egyptians would treat them worse than before, maybe they had sunstroke, to even concede such a thing

They came out of Egypt for themselves and took of the Lord for themselves but were not prepared to go that extra mile and die for it.

Jesus says! Except can deny themselves they cannot be my disciple.

These people were living for themselves and not for their God; they were cowards.

They wanted Gods name on their lips but were not prepared to lay down their lives for their faith,

They had seen miracles in that wilderness their very sandals did not wear out, but like today they had taken the Lord God for granted they just could not even trust the Lord for all he had brought them through even a few million of them.

This still bewilders me why they could not just trust in the Lord in their impossible situation

They had the call from Egypt but were not dedicated to the one that called them

The Bible says many are called, but few are chosen 

Opportunity missed

There used to be a song sung by the Echoes of Grace my old singing group from Belfast wasted years ,some of them have now gone to glory They did not lose any years but were faithful in the work God gives them.

Being faithful when all others find fault, being faithful when the heavens are like concrete, and your praying and nothing seems to happen as if God has deserted you and it seems the ground from under you is crumbling, and it seems the only way forward is to throw in the towel and walking away.

It has been said that the wheels of God grind slow but sure, throw yourself on the mercy of God and wait for his reply it was the chores’ writer that said He never would say I’m too busy to-day every tear every care he has promised to be their even though He is the Lord of all Glory He is only a pray away.

Don’t miss an opportunity to serve your God if He put you on the self like a vessel it does not mean he has no use for you but does intends to use you if he needs to.

I would rather sit on Gods self than do a work for God all for self, what do the scriptures say run not before the Lord thy God and Lag thou not behind but walk step by step! If He stops, you stop my words.

You might say, George, that’s very well what has that got to do with opportunity missed well here how the story goes well over fifty years plus ago I worked doing a job at the Europa Hotel there was great excitement them Billy Graham that great man of God, that bible says to give honor to whom it is due well any I was looking out from the window on the tenth floor and seen Him giving out tracts I would have love to go down to talk to him but my job did not allow me well George is that your opportunity missed? Well here how the story goes sometime later I had to use the public elevator I had just gotten into it and for some unknown reason which was out of my comfort zone

I exclaimed to perfect strangers it great to see Billy Graham here, and the reply I got back was’’ that him there! and I said’’ O’’ kind-a (speechless)

One day we all will meet our maker, will you be kinda dumb, or will you know him on that day as your Lord and Saviour?

Prayer__ Past its sell-by date

Luke 1-13 Thy Prayer is heard 

Have you ever thought your prayer or prayers could be past their sell-by date? Here was a man of God that exercised the Priest office he was burning incense before the Lord, according to the Ryrie study Bible this was only a once in a His time of life experience, for any Priest, the Angel of The Lord had informed Him his wife was to have a son, and his name was to be called John, well it was understandable that when Zacharias was ministering in the Priest office and when the Angel Gabriel appeared to him he was fear struck 1-12 possibly thinking what have I done wrong.

This was a Holy man of God him and his wife, vs.6, so he had really nothing to worry about and more so when the Angel of the Lord brought good news, Zacharias thy Prayer is heard, the scriptures do not state went he prayer that prayer possibly when he was a lot younger vs.18 but now his circumstance have changed now an old man you could so just one foot in the grave so to speak and the last thing on his mind was that his wife Elisabeth would have a baby, could it be possible that this Angel could have got his wires crossed , so to speak , us having a baby? does this Angel’ not realise the age we are’ and it’s not only not possible at our age, even if it were possible, for my wife could conceive, but her body is also passed its sell-by date so to speak it would not be possible at her age.

You may have given up in your prayer, but God keeps a record of every prayer you prayed and just because THE LORD has not answered in what you considered the right time, for an answer the prayer is not past its sell by date and in Gods sight, it is not late, God always does things at the right time He is never late to answer but does expect us to wait,

Zacharias and his wife Elisabeth had long ago accepted Gods will for their life, that had accepted the fact that the thing they wanted so dearly had been withheld from them, O’’ the shame then not having any children, O’’ the disappointments that The Lord God had not answered their prayer, but this never stopped him or his wife from serving God and living a holy life before the Lord God

Friend thank God for the circumstances you find yourself in’ don’t walk away from Him, trust Him and wait on Him, for he never will say I’m too busy to-day every tear, every prayer He has promised to be their even though the LORD of all creation He is only a prayer away.

Thy prayer is heard, and O what a prayer that God answered, not only did GOD give them a child but an exceptional one at that.

} A Prayer Not answered is a Prayer still heard=== {my saying

Grudge Leviticus 18-20

Here's what the here what the dictionary says! persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury or to be unwilling to give or to allow (something) or fell resentful that (someone) has achieved (something) = GRUDGE

Well you may be asking what is that all about, as I going through the old testament again in Leviticus it mention’s about this word grudge this is the first time I came across it ‘’ it may seem strange’, but it can have such a negative effect on one’s life instead of making you a better person it can be soul destroying when someone has gone out of their way to do you harm or injury or to achieve something you could say without any effort .

I know an instance was a young man refuses to talk to his wife to sort out their marriage this has been going on now for over two year’s they are both separated, and to make matters worse they go to the same church, this seems to be a new culture now do not talk to your partner. Well you should have grounds for divorce’ he did not like what she said so he holds a grudge and the sad thing about it is ‘she does not’’ and she is doing very well, even though the pain she is going through, all because of his decision which is morally wrong’’ it no way that any woman should be treated like that your wife especially.

Well if you read Leviticus 18 -20 it says it all to love your neighbor as thy self, is also in this passage in Leviticus 18-20 Well you may not to take what God says to heart ‘if you have do not have one’ for in loving your neighbor is showing your love for the almighty God

But this worldly attitude has crept into the church do not talk to your brother especially if you hold a position in the church you can just abuse your calling , but do not forget we all will give God account of your actions I sure there will be some red faces ?

We Love Him for He first loved us

Zephaniah Chapter -3 vs.17

The Mighty God in the midst  

Good news THE LORD GOD has not changed, HE is the mighty GOD, before HE created this world before HE created the Universe, HE is the Almighty God, before time began HE has not lost any of HIS ancient power He is the Kings of Kings and The Lord of Lords, The Creator of all things, and all things were created for His pleasure and all things shall return to Him according to His Word.

GOD is still on the throne as the hymn writer puts it and He will remember His own, child of God you are not alone, whatever you are going through, He knows, He loves, Jesus cares, though trails may face us, and troubles destress us He never will leave us alone,

How can you trust to-day the government the banking institution, your friends your family, all may fail but Jesus never Glory to His name?

In this vs in Zephaniah 3-17, we are reminded that He is not Lord but God and a Mighty One at that, also it says He is in the midst of thee, Jesus sees your pain He even knows your name, forever problem. He alone has a solution; He considers that reckless kid. No matter what you did for them they seem to find a way to end up in trouble, they want the benefits that come with being a Christian but do not want to be born again, they do not want to forsake their old life, you have prayed for them, but nothing yet has happened and the devil would say I told you so.

Listen to God’ Read His word’ claim His promises ‘as the hymn writer says they are new every morning and great is His faithfulness, not only is He’s Lord. Not only is He your God. Not only is His power immense’ but his word says He is in your midst. In the very core of your being, He is there, Christ is above you’ under you’ and around you, and in you, He is there.

Also, He promises to save, visualise in your mind God saving that family member that son, or daughter, as the chorus writer said God can do anything but fail.

Expect a miracle every day expect a miracle when you pray. If you hope for it, God will find a way to perform a Miracle for you every day.


Gluttony is a Sin.

You may ask George where are you going with this? There is no difference between eating in excess and drinking in excess which is a sin, but overeating in excess you can only harm yourself, but over drinking in excess, can destroy not only your life but the life of your family, or if you drive someone else’s life.

I have worked with men who had a drinking problem. Even in a working environment. What it seems is the only thing to keep them sane. Every one of them had a good job, and they know it like the back of their hand. But the demon drink had a hold on them, and they seem to love it more than life its self Like the vs in the Bible, eat drink and be merry for to-morrow we shall die.

We have taken the nicotine out of the cigarettes and given people a substitute. Why can't the same thing be done with the drink, But is that touching the holy grail, so to speak to take the alcohol out? This brew has been the cause of many a broken home and marriage; it cost our Government a fortune for the abuse of our welfare system because of drink, many a broken hearts and lives have bee lost because of this

Is it not possible to give people the taste of alcohol? Without having the side effects, our Government should tax the brewery till they come up with a better substitute for non-alcohol drink and charge them a drunkard's tax till they do after all they very good at taxing everything else, you may say George that's a bit extreme, is it? Tell that to those with broken homes and families or even last week a drunken driver has killed a person; these breweries should be held responsible for what they make? It's strange I heard of people who have sued the tobacco companies for cancer. Smoking their cigarettes but no one has ever sued the breweries for their alcohol drink.

You might say, George, it is okay for you, you do not drink, I also do not drive because of a medical condition. In fact, I sold the car and reported it to the insurance company, even though it was my lifeblood so to speak, how could I live with myself if ignored my medical condition and the warning by the Hospital and continue driving and killed someone.

Well, that was in the past after eighteen months was, given the driving licence

A Christian Taxi man picked up a fare, but the customer forgot something. So he said to the taxi man hold onto this drink, takes some. When the customer came back, He exclaimed" to the Christian taxi man you have not taken any. As he was handed his drink again, the Christian taxi man replied it's not strong enough, what do you drink said the customer to the Christian taxi man.Well sir I drinking at the fountain" that shall never run dry, of course, you could say been free it could be classed as it's cost effective.     

                            Elijah’s Dilemma                                                                                Throwing in the Towel 1 Kings 19-4

You might say, George, what has this to do throw in the towel with Elijah’s dilemma. Lord take my life I am no better than my father’s was his cry to God. He had done everything humanly possible to get God’s people back on track to the Lord. It was the people at the top or in charge that were not living right. It had to cause God’s people to go astray. He had just demonstrated the power of THE LORD GOD by rebuilding the altar of the Lord. Calling down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice.

That he had got them to power water upon it not only once but three times till the water ran down the trenches, then call upon the Name of the Lord and then the fire fell not only consumed the sacrifice but licked up the water around the channels.

Then he received a death threat from the Kings Wife Jezebel. Instead of accepting the outcome, she was looking for blood, Elijah blood. As far as Elijah was concerned he had failed. It would be better for God taking his life for it seemed life no longer had any purpose. Your prophets have has killed, and I am the only one left (1 kings 19-10). And God said to Elijah I have seven thousand in Israel that have not bowed the knee to Baal.

God had said to Elijah all your not on your own there are those like yourself that have not bowed the knee to Baal. Now, this is how I intend to deal with these at the top, and I have also got your replacement I honestly believe that the isolation was too much for him and one thing he missed was the company of those that loved and served THE LORD.

Have you got the spirit of Elijah to be jealous of the Lord God of Host wanting Gods people to worship Him with all their hearts, soul, mind?

Are you discouraged that the love of many has waxed cold, what did God say to Elijah WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! _Vs.13 stay in the place where God has called you to be’ as they say that the grass is not as green’ on the other side, sit alone with God till you hear the small voice, not the wind or the fire but that faint sound.

                                   BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD FOR I Will BE EXALTED AMONG THE HEATHEN Psalms 46-10

To be like Jesus

A Christian man who was talking to his friend on the phone how was sick in mind as well as body tried every way he could to encourage him but to no avail. it just seemed like a pointless exercise the more he tried the more his friend always looked on the dark side ‘’ and doom and gloom were awaiting for him, and said I phone you back to-morrow so the next morning as he was praying for his friend the words of the chorus came to him to be like Jesus ‘ to be like Jesus is all I ask to be like him , and then word came to him’’ to be like Jesus’’ not like Judas’’, for love suffers long and is kind

An unsaved man said to me one day in in my work place he had come over from England to train men and myself on servicing equipment and said this George I got a son he’s a terrible problem with drink he did not come home the other night’’ I went out searching for him and on the way home he seen this person hanging over a hedge in a drunken sleep so he picked him up and he discovered it was his son ‘’ carried him home’’  Its''one thing to love '''in word but another to love in-deed

What kind of Love do you have like Jesus or like Judas 

Love your enemies’

A Pastor was preaching one day on this subject ‘’ this is what he stated! It’s wrong to say that if you do not like a person that you love


For someone in his church had made a statement ‘’ I do not like them ‘but I got to love them!

That afternoon that Pastor was standing beside that Christian gentleman that had said that ''or made that statement ‘’ here is what he said ''to the Pastor!

Pastor you said in your sermon ‘if you do not like someone you do not love them . Pastor I do not like the terrorist I do not like the murders that they have committed and the bombing and the violence but I got love them ‘’ because my God dose and the Pastor replied I understand

How is it possible to love someone who are spending all their energy to do you harm and your family?

The Lord Jesus said in His parable about the good Samaritan that fell among thieves ‘who was robbed and beaten and left for dead yet he stooped down and picked him up ‘took to a place of safety and paid for his stay there and by the way ‘’ if it cost any more to look after him I will sort it out when I come back to the inn keeper’.

True love dose not destroy a person reputation or character ‘true love hates evil and loves good ‘ it does not force a person to covert to their religion ‘ or dose not hate a person because of their religion ‘ not pretending to love someone ‘and at the same time waiting or an occasion to do them harm ‘’ the Bible goes further thou give your gifts to the poor and my body to be burned ‘ but have not love you are nothing .

We are not only to love in words ‘’ but indeed’’ faith without action is fiction “” works without faith is fantasy.

But to have that love of God is to have faith that works

Someone care’s

The story told of the man that fell by the wayside , two religious people past by, they possibly had other duties to attend to so they did not have any time to stop or maybe the man was beneath, then why should they dirty their garments after all they did not know the man so why should they stop.

Someone cares to-day I got a missed call on my mobile phone, to cut a long story short, they apologised’ because they could not pick me up’ at the bus stop as they passed by, but my thinking on this: I like my independence, but unlike this man, I was not lying on the side of the road, the man who as the bible states fell among thieves’ but at least they cared enough to phone me

Someone cares ? In to- days society things have not changed, people are caught up with other things, well if they are not pulling someone down, they are talking behind their back’ it is sad ‘that it happened in Christians circles’’ wait till the next person backslides’’ and you will hear all about it , I can remember having an issue in a church which if it was not sorted it would split the church’’ in two’’ I asked a brother to pray with me about it He religiously refused I am not praying about the Pastor behind his back he exclaimed ! at the same time he was involved in taking action behind the Pastor back ''when I said this in front of his wife when he was there she said to her husband 'that wasn’t you ''he replied ''yes''

The old saying is give a dog a bad name and it will stick with it, as the saying goes their is no smoke without fire it is always good to give someone the benefit of the doubt but once the lie has been spoken it not so easily forgotten as the old saying goes no smoke without fire but at the same time it has been said do not believe everything you hear.

The Lord Jesus says be careful what you hear for as you judge so shall you be judged their is a word in the bible called mercy as the dictionary says compassionate or kindly forbearance shown to to-wards offender , compassionate, or something that gives evidence of Divine favor

Can you remember the old saying be careful little ear ,s what you hear their is a father up above looking down on you in love be careful little hears what you hear

I can remember reading a story of a famous prophet of a certain religion when he was told of a woman who had committed adultery and to make matters worse she was so many months pregnant when for help and told the wife of this prophet that prophet he told the woman to go away till the child was born and then came back he had informed her husband in the mean time who when she came back ''her husband hit her ''and kicked her' and dragged her by the hair ''put her into a hole ''with her head just above the ground'' and remained still kicking her till she died, and ''what did that prophet do'' after seeing all this he said show mercy if that is his type of mercy we can do without it, Someone would say well that is on days those days gone by sure people were more cruel I tend to disagree with that statement why?

because it was at a time away after the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and if you can unbiased check the two accounts you will find with Christ mercy means mercy for when a woman who committed adultery was brought to him in the act he did show mercy by saying it but by the evidence of those words before were they about to stone her some say what they saw as he wrote on the ground as they watched him writing as they looked on the ground the words he drew out was the sins of the accuses of the woman who they wanted stoned according the law of Moses

And from that act of mercy the lord Jesus said to the woman go and sin no more someone cares Jesus does Jesus cares his heart is touched with our grief not only when you are on top of the mountain but when the mountain is on top of you he cares it’s that scriptures john 3-16 for god so loved the world that He give His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on the Son has everlasting life.

mercy compassionate or kindly forbearance shown towards an offender , an enemy or other person in one’s power pity benevolence, when is mercy not mercy when we only use is as the word rather than put it into practice or pretend to use mercy but have no intention of shown it

the story goes of Napoleon was about to execute a coward someone who ran from the battle the mother of the solider cried show mercy Napoleon said he does not devise mercy the mother cried out it would not be mercy if he did ..with that ..he was free

It was the hymn writer that said dose Jesus care ? the world would blame God for the mess it’s in for after all they say He claims to have created it , and it is not their fault if they maybe got it wrong a few times or maybe all the time , for after all He should have foreseen this and done something about it.

Can the vessel of clay say to its maker if I am marred that is your fault you should have took another lump of clay rather than me because I was defective from the start I don't think so it would be grateful that the fact is that it was chosen and if the potter has to being again, I am sure that it would not mind .

Are court system at times shows mercy especially to those who do not deserve it I can remember two young woman who were in a British jail who received pardon they were boomers they did not deserve to be set free their victims were dead and yet mercy kicked in and set them free, mercy was great and grace was free when Christ paid my redemption for me I was guilty soul going to a lost eternity, Christ reached down his hand and rescued me you could say that I am in good hands

They blame religion for most of the trouble in the world they seem to think that without religion and God that the world would be better off but that is not always the case and that God can only be used as a scare tactic to stop drowning themselves in evil of course if there is no God there can be no good or evil .

look at communism the dictionary says a theory or system of social organisation based

on the holding of all property in common actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state so everybody being the same sounds good did Jesus not teach that but the world communism is only fact and not a fact is dose not practice what it preaches .

as a young Christian I worked on a building site it was actually in the new building of the city hospital with the rest of the tradesmen we went downstairs in to a large room where about fifty men sat round a large table , there was a man that done these polystyrene tiles on the roof there were the ones that put the ceiling up and dropped these large tiles into the empty squares it was this English man who always started of the conversation about communism so much so he felt so convicted to say something and of course as usual let it go

Over the next few weeks I got so convicted I had said to the Lord if He would give him the a second chance ''would speak up for Him'' about 4 months later he went back to the same building site and again they went down to the large room for tea. I was only an apprentice just about in my first year the room/ was full of all types of me sitting round the table but I knew that the Lord would give me the opportunity to say something for after all I did promise Him that I would speak up .

The room was filled with conversation I just felt like a fish out of water as I sat among the other tradesman and then my opportunity came round the ceiling tiler well I mean the communist spoke his uselessly topic communist and how it very fair to the common people as he spoke there was great quietness and respect for what he was about to say and not surprisingly again he started off again about how communism is the perfect solution for fairness and for a better way to run society as he was getting fired up then the Lord give me the word and I started to speak .

Jesus was a true communist and with that there was a true silence in the room as all eyes glared on me then I went on to prove my argument Jesus went about doing good he did not charge for the services he provided whether it was healing someone or helping them he never took from anyone money for His services you for all that He had done.  


                    He was hated for it even by His own people and they crucified Him he was a true communist he shared out among the common people but the communist you speak of it not but as man is selfish so is man - made communism then I informed him how Jesus died and rose again from the dead and the anointing came upon me and the Lord took over I cannot even remember what I said after that but whatever it was the men were all what I would call gob smacked so to speak coming from someone who would be as quit as a church mouse so to speak

The world tries to be real it tries to show that they alone have to it wright ,without God and God is only an afterthought in fact as far as they are concerned they really do not need Him at all . O how wrong can they be ?

If communism is so perfect why do they persecute Christians these are the people how keep the rule of law yet many are thrown into prison and treated as trash . 

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March 15, 2017 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy

It’s sad in to-days society that Sunday can become like any other day ‘like as the bible says being familiar with holy things time for the T. V no time for keeping Gods day special I can remember being told by a member of church that he was asked to be a deacon I asked him how many hours do you spend in prayer his reply was no one dose that now George.

Yet little prayer little blessing ‘’ much prayer much blessing ‘but not keeping the sabbath holy is robbing yourself of blessing’ God not only look to your walk but your talk not speaking thine own words or doing those things that please you and not your Lord.

Not back biting your brother or sister ‘not to close your hand to those in need especially in the church not neglecting your own family God does not want his people to be selfish or self- centered but to be Christ like Sunday should not be a bore but a blessing it should not be for selfish ends but as I said Christ centered

Remember the Sabbath Day and the Sabbath day will remember you